THIS is why people don’t like to move

We are, more or less, settled in to our new place. 

There are still SO MANY things that we need to get done but at some point, you take a look around and go, “Meh.  This will do for now.”  Ya know?  Like, we have zero pictures up on the wall and I’m really really okay with that for now because we have a couch.

Life is all about balance.

And let’s not mention the outside of our house.  As of a couple of months ago, our “yard” was a corn field so right now our “yard” is mostly dirt.  But the upshot is that we don’t have to mow.  Win-win. (I’m not complaining that we don’t have a yard.  It just needs a little lot of love and I’m less-than-capable in the handyman/landscaping departments so it’s an eye-sore.) 

**Edit: One of the many benefits to having all of this off-and-on rain that we’ve had over the past few weeks is that the grass seed/wheat that my husband and father-in-law planted a month ago are starting to sprout!  Greg is grumbling because he might have to mow before the first snow, but yay for the beginnings of grass!!

But because of football, Greg’s availability is next to nothing for, potentially, the next month and rather than being a nagging wife, I’m making him a (secret) to-do list that I will plop in his lap the SECOND that football season is over.

However, all of the delays in moving and getting the house to the point where we don’t always have a zillion things to do on the weekend pales in comparison to some of the things we have dealt with since moving.

1) Our dog got stolen.  Greg doesn’t think so but I really do.  I don’t think she wandered off or (wait for it) drowned like he had suggested at one point (the term doggie paddling wasn’t invented because dogs can’t swim.  Plus, she’s a lab.  It’s part of their DNA to be able to swim).  I think that somebody thought we had 2 dogs and wouldn’t notice if one went missing.

2) We have had 3 different addresses.  The first time, my mother-in-law gave the person that coordinates the 911 addresses (I’m obviously not sure what her official title is) our location, she (the 911 lady; not my mother-in-law) “located” us at the wrong place.  So we got that fixed.  Then we were notified a couple of weeks ago that Whoops! they gave us the wrong town.  It was close, but still.  Major hassle because our mail is going from our old-old address, being re-routed to our old-new (wrong) address and then finally to our new-new address.

3) The Post Office now charges you to change your address.  It’s only $1 and yeah, yeah, I’m whining but still.  $1.  I mean, is it even worth the processing that they have to pay per transaction?  Because it can ONLY be done online (or so I was told).

4) We got our water hooked up and were living there approximately 10 days when the new billing cycle started.  No biggie.  Until?  We got a bill for $41.  Which I thought was a little steep but it said that our base usage was 3000 gallons and because we live in the middle of nowhere, we don’t have any other options for water.  So I paid $41.   Then we got our September bill one Saturday and it was ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MOTHER EFFING DOLLARS.  It also said that we used 16,000 gallons of water in one month.  (Just to have a point of reference, I googled how much 16,000 gallons of water is.  Turns out?  That’s the average that is consumed in a human’s lifetime.  Not how much it takes to clean my family, our clothes and our dishes in 30 days.) 

I called the water company and got a recording that said they are only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-1.  I left a (fairly) pleasant message telling them that I think something is wrong with the meter and to please call me back first thing Monday morning.  (FYI: Greg double checked the meter and as of Sunday morning, we hadn’t even crossed the 3,000 gallon mark for total usage).  On Monday morning, I got a call from the water company and the first thing she said was, “So!  It sounds like you have a leak!”  To which I laughed because to have used 16,000 gallons of water in a month and had a leak, we would have waterfront property.  When I told her that, she didn’t laugh with me.

I’m shocked that she has no sense of humor.

She said that she would send somebody out to look and make sure that there wasn’t a problem.

When she finally called me back Monday afternoon, she told me that 1) she met our dog and she was very sweet and 2) our meter had been programmed incorrectly so it was measuring 10x too high.  The first 10 days we were there, we had used 300 gallons not 3,000.  The first full month, we used 1,600 rather than 16,000.  She gave us credit for the amount we overpaid the first month and adjusted our current bill.

Crisis averted and I only had a mini-stroke rather than a full-blown head explosion.

In summary: Moving?  Is definitely not The Business.


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