42. Bring breakfast into work

This post was originally written October 5, 2009. For the entire 101 things in 2002 days list, click here.

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Since today is my 3rd day at my new job and we didn’t have any patients scheduled until 1pm (yay!) I decided to go to Panera and buy bagels and bring them into work.  As it turns out, the way to a woman’s (not just a man’s) heart is also through her stomach because those suckers were gone in no time!  Plus, it never hurts to bring food into a new job because it’s a great way to meet everybody!  When somebody asks, “Who brought in the bagels?”  I pipe right up and say, “I did!”  When they ask, “Well, who are you?”  I can introduce myself and *attempt* to remember everybody’s name.

P.S. Just because you bring bagels into your office, people are not happy about having their pictures taken with no notice to be sure they look nice and/or have their hair done.

DSC02351Marlis (my boss) & Stephanie

Marlis (my boss) and Stephanie…

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