I’m Right! You’re Wrong! Halloween Edition

Even though Halloween is still 2 days away and this isn’t technically about candy but more about a snack-cake-like food, I thought I would revisit the I’m Right, You’re Wrong! theme here.

Disagreers: Me and somebody else (no names! I want to protect this person’s anonymity)

Disagreement: What is the proper way to eat a Nutty Bar?  (I provided a picture in case you live under a rock and don’t know what a Nutty Bar is.  Or if you were confused and thought I meant a Nutter Butter.  Very different, yet equally delicious.)


Position One: Why do you peel it apart?  That’s weird.  I take bites out of it like a caveman. Like this:


Position Two: How barbaric!!  I delicately peel it apart and eat in in layers. Like this:


Weigh in with your comments!  Who is right?  Position One or Two?


5 thoughts on “I’m Right! You’re Wrong! Halloween Edition

  1. Caveman all the way! You have to have all the layers at once to enjoy the experience. The stripping of layers makes the flavor too wimpy.

  2. Couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this blog. Christopher and I were just having an argument about this!! He is caveman all the way…while I delicately eat each layer 🙂

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