Happy (belated) Hallowiener!

Two years ago, I convinced everybody in my family to dress in coordinating Halloween costumes. It wasn’t all that difficult considering Adrianna was 15 months old and Brock was going to get to be Buzz Lightyear.

Most epic Halloween costumes to date.

See? How much more cuteness can you squeeze into a picture??

Last year, Brock found one of Greg’s old costumes (a dragon) and decided that he wanted to be just like his daddy and wear that. Adrianna was old enough to have an opinion and wanted to be a princess. Still semi-coordinated but Greg didn’t want to dress up last year so the kids’ sort-of coordinating costumes were about as good as I could do.

This year?

This year, Brock wanted to be The Incredible Hulk and Adrianna wanted to be a pink princess. Per her request, I am supposed to tell you that a yellow princess (Belle) and a pink princess are VERY different. Now you know.


Since The Hulk and a pink princess go together like fat puppies and fast cars, I was left out again this year.


The kiddos and my parents


The kids with Greg’s parents


My costume. I was rocking a very Phoebe vibe with my hair at work on Tuesday and nobody was nice enough to tell me. So if I was your nurse the day before Halloween, I apologize for my hair.

Happy (belated) Halloweiner!  And if your kids got any good candy that you aren’t going to eat?  Call me up and I will take care of it for you.

P.S. Did you know that November (along with No-shave November) is National Blog Posting Month?  Well, it is!  If you are interested, I will be talking a little bit about it tomorrow and will include links, etc.  I’m going to attempt to blog everyday during the month of November.  ATTEMPT.


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