NaBloPoMo 11.3.2012

NaBloPoMo November 2012


I totally dropped the ball yesterday and didn’t blog.

On Day 2 of NaBloPoMo.

But! I do have a good excuse! Yesterday I left for the Women of Faith conference in Kansas City and have been busy getting my praise on!

I tend not to talk too much religion on here (much like politics) but my faith is SO important to me. It’s very important for my kids to grow up with a strong faith and a strong relationship with God. And I don’t believe that you are going to Hell if you aren’t knocking down the door every Sunday morning but I DO believe that having a strong relationship with God is important.

Last year, Mom brought me to the Women of Faith conference and I absolutely loved it.

So I came back this year!!

If you haven’t ever had an opportunity to go to an event like this and WANT to, holla at me and I can help you out!!

See how much fun we have?





2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 11.3.2012

  1. so, I have been nosing around and I already love your blog….like I knew I would! 🙂 So much fun hanging out with you this weekend. AND…yay for new bloggy friends!!

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