NaBloPoMo 11.5.2012

NaBloPoMo November 2012

**Disclaimer: So since it appears that I’m incapable of writing blog posts on even-days this month, maybe I will stick with that theme.  Good LORD, if anybody sees my mind, please let me know.**


Remember how a few months ago we moved?  And how I bitched about how much of a hassle it is to get everything done in a timely manner?

And also do you know what day is tomorrow?

It’s the 2012 PRESIDENTIAL election.  Not a random voting day in April when 2 people show up.  Tomorrow’s election is kinda important.

Did you also know that the deadline to register in a new county (in Missouri) was October 10th?  And not the afternoon before the polls open?

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Because yours truly is a complete effing moron, neither Greg nor I will be sporting an “I voted” sticker tomorrow.

Unless I print this off and tape it to myself.

I even asked the lady at the Voter Registration office if we could cast a provisional ballot and then they could verify our address.

“Um, sure.  But your vote won’t count.”

She was very sweet and explained to me why it wouldn’t count but, still?  Ouch.

There really isn’t anybody to be upset at but me (and maybe Greg but it’s not really his fault anymore than it is mine) but that’s when it stings the most, ya know?

Big fat fail for upholding my civic responsibility.


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 11.5.2012

      • How do they know, unless you tell them. I don’t think it would be wrong to vote in the races that you would be eligible for in your new county. In other words, president, state offices of they are the same district. Governor, etc. that all of Missouri will vote for. Just my opinion though.

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