NaBloPoMo 11.7.2012

NaBloPoMo November 2012


This wash cloth used to be completely white.

And I’m not even upset because it is now covered in mud stains.  Do you want to know why I’m not upset?

Because Monday night, after it had been raining ALL.DAY. the kids and I came home and realized that we had tracked some mud through the kitchen.  Brock and Adrianna both immediately sat down, took off their shoes and ran off.

Rather than yelling at them (like I normally would), I waited.  And listened. And I heard . . . water running?

My wee little children ran off to the bathroom to grab a (formerly white) wash cloth to clean up the mud that we had brought in the house.

Without me asking them to do it.

Speechless?  Shocked?  Proud?  Doesn’t even begin to cover it.


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 11.7.2012

  1. Holy crap! I’m impressed. Marcus just tells me to do it when I ask him to do something, and God forbid he actually does anything on his own. Come train my kid!

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