NaBloPoMo 11.9.2012

NaBloPoMo November 2012

Brock wants to be in the delivery room when his brother is born.

He started talking about it awhile ago and Greg and I figured he would eventually forget about it.  But he hasn’t.  Every time we bring it up to him, we (gently) discuss the things that are going to happen.  Each discussion leads to him being more and more insistent on him being present for his brother’s birth.

Us: “Buddy?  The baby is going to come out of Mommy’s vagina.  It’s going to hurt and she might yell and scream.  We don’t want to scare you.”

Him: “I will tell the doctor to give you medicine to make you feel better.  That’s what you do for me when I get hurt.”

Us: “What if we are in there all night?  Or all day?  Won’t you get tired?  Or bored?”

Him: “Nope.  I have my phone and we can pack movies and popcorn!  And I will start to sing to you if you get bored.  Does that sound like a good plan?”

Us: “Brock.  The baby will probably be covered in blood when he comes out.  Are you sure you can handle that?”

Him: “Guys? ::eye roll:: I’m a big kid.  Blood doesn’t scare me and I can give him a bath.”

So after going back and forth over the last two months, we decided that Brock was going to watch a birthing video with us.  I really needed him to understand what he was getting himself into and I didn’t feel like a pep-talk was going to be adequate.

So I turned to YouTube and found a (obviously condensed) 4-minute birthing video.  Of course, Adrianna decided that she needed to watch the video as well because, God-forbid, she be left out of anything that her brother gets to do.

Less than a minute in, Adrianna was hiding in my armpit.

Before the end of the 4 minutes, they were both in tears.  Brock begged me to never go to the hospital again because all babies are mean when they are born.  Adrianna cried that she was never going to have babies.

Greg gently suggested to the kids that they could be at the head of the bed with Mommy when the baby is born so they didn’t actually have to watch him come out.  Brock decided that’s the best option for him.  Until it’s time to cut the cord which he still insists that he is going to do.  Adrianna doesn’t even want to come to the hospital to visit us.

I’m a little concerned for her psyche at this point. 

So here’s my question(s): If you have children, were any of the older ones in the delivery room when their younger sibs were born?  If you don’t have children, would you consider (obviously based on the child and their interest/ability to handle the carnage) allowing them in the delivery room?

I’ve already talked to my OB and she said she was fine with one or both of the kids being in the delivery room as long as there is a designated adult in the waiting room that can take the kids out if they start to freak out or if something needs to be done emergently with me or the baby.


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 11.9.2012

  1. There are 2 years 9 months between my daughters, and since they were both born by c-section, my daughter would not have been allowed in the operating room for her sister’s birth, and didn’t come visit me until many hours after delivery because I didn’t want her to see me looking too pathetic.

    If the situation had been different, and the 2nd had been vaginal, I’m still not sure it would be a good idea for the first to be there for delivery. Maybe if it was medicated and she promised she’d stay by my head with her dad. I say this mostly because of her temperament and personality.

    It sounds like Brock might be able to handle being in the room with you, but it’s up to you. Do YOU want your child to watch you go through that? It’s different when it’s a stranger on YouTube because he has no emotional attachment to that person.

    • Adrianna will definitely NOT be in the delivery room. And for no other reason than I don’t think she could handle it. I think because Brock was the one that initiated all of the conversations and wants to be in there (despite watching a birthing video), it makes the decision a little easier.

      As far as my comfort level, I don’t think it will bother me one bit to have him in the room. As long as he doesn’t start to freak out. But if he does, we will have an adult (other than Greg) ready to get him out of there 🙂

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