NaBloPoMo 11.11.2012

NaBloPoMo November 2012

At our church, we hold two different services. The early service is more contemporary with a praise band and more music and the late service is more traditional with a choir, etc.

We go to the early service because 1) we are all usually  awake and ready to go by then, 2) our kids do better in the contemporary setting and 3) there are more kids in the early service so we aren’t the only ones shhh-ing our kids.

Today was a pretty typical Sunday morning.  We have about 60 people who attend early service and I am not exaggerating when I say that about 30 of them are kids under the age of 8.  The kids get restless after the first minute or so of the message so all of the parents’ phones come out in an attempt to buy some quiet time.

Tonight, I was looking through the pictures on my phone and came across these little gems:





Adrianna (re)discovered the “silly face” app on my phone and was taking pictures of herself during church


And one of a drawing that she did.

Obviously she missed the message today . . .


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