Weekend Update

That title really makes me miss Jimmy Fallon being on SNL. So much so, that we started DVR-ing his shows. I loved how much he used to giggle and ruin a skit.


Anyway! We had a jam-packed weekend and I canNOT believe that it’s already Monday morning. But! With the crazy, busy weekend, we also had lots of productivity!

Remember that little list that I made last week?

In case you forgot (or don’t feel like clicking the link over to the last post), here it is!

  • Buy new car seats (our old ones have expired) that match. Yes, they have to match because having the same base is an absolute necessity for us. We already have one that we got from Target because it was on sale PLUS we got a $10 gift card for spending $50 so it was a win-win. Now I just have to get back to Target to buy the second one.
  • Get the crib (this is on the agenda for this weekend) back from our friends. When they got pregnant with their surprise baby, we offered to let them borrow our crib because Adrianna was old enough to transition into a twin bed and they had given all of their stuff away because they were “done” having babies. Now their little girl is 18 months old and since our little one is mere 6ish weeks away, the crib is moving again.
  • Get the second dresser for the nursery. Greg bought a dresser from some (other) friends of ours over a year ago and never picked it up. Now that we need more space for Baby Tres’ clothes, we are finally going to get it out of their house! I’m sure they will be thrilled to have the extra furniture out of their space and we will be thrilled to have somewhere to put the 5 million newborn onesies that we have stacked up in piles.
  • Name this child. Every time we think we are getting close to picking a name, we both end up hating our list and starting completely over. It doesn’t help that Brock and Adrianna want to contribute names like Alvin and The Chipmunks and Jellybean.
  • Beef up our cloth diaper supply. We have several that we used with Adrianna and I (very shrewdly) ordered only gender neutral colors because, while pink and purple flowers are to DIE for on a girls’ tooshie, I knew that Greg would have a conniption if I tried to cloth diaper any future male children in flowers. And, my very talented mother made us a tremendous supply of bamboo liners but I need more covers/shells. The problem is? I’m super picky about which kinds I will use and they are a bit pricey. But. They last from birth to potty so they are worth the investment. I just have to watch e-Bay like a hawk for good deals and it takes some time.
  • Re-paint the nursery. When we moved in, we knew that re-decorating was going to be something that we wanted to do eventually but paying off a 28% interest credit card is more important than having the perfect decor, know what I mean? So, for now we are stuck with 90’s-themed floral wall paper in every room. Most of the rooms can be overlooked but I would really like to do something a little different in the nursery. But if I’m being honest? This is at the complete bottom of the list because I need to be practical and Baby Tres isn’t going to care if his room has flowers on the wall. For now, anyway.
  • Take maternity pictures. That will be done this weekend and I can’t wait! Yay! A good friend of mine is doing them and she’s a genius and I’m sure they will be fabulous!
  • Get out the breast pump and wash/sterilize all of the equipment. Yes, I did that before I packed it away the last time, but it has sat in storage for almost 3 years and it needs to be done.
  • Take the kids to a big-kid class. The hospital where I will deliver offers them for free and I think it would be good for the kids. Brock has done this once before but he was 23 months old when Adrianna was born and I’m sure he doesn’t remember what it’s like with a newborn in the house. Adrianna has no clue what’s about to hit her and all the prep we can get in, the better.
  • Make freezer meals. I make a mean lasagna and my mother-in-law gave me a yummy recipe for homemade chicken pot pie casserole that I’m going to make ahead and freeze so when we have days where all I’ve done is keep us alive, we can all still eat supper. In addition to the lasagna and chicken pot pie casserole, I’m looking for other options that freeze beautifully. I love to cook but I’m also not blind to the fact that after this baby is born, I may not get to shower for multiple days in a row.
  • Get the kids a (small) gift “from” their baby brother. A few co-workers of mine threw me a baby sprinkle (it’s smaller than a shower, so it’s a sprinkle!) when I was pregnant with Adrianna and they were so thoughtful and bought little gifts for Brock as well. He got a Nerf football and a few Handy Manny tools that he loved. It not only gave him something to do in the hospital, but because it was “from” Sissy, he didn’t feel as slighted when she got all of the attention.
  • Pack a hospital bag. Bring the back-up battery for the camera. Don’t forget laptop, comfy undies and my favorite snacks.
  • Buy a new boppy cover. We only have one that has survived both kids and storage off/on for 5 years so we need a backup.
  • Find our diaper bag and pack it. I’m not too worried about this one because we won’t use binkies at first, we will use the disposable diapers from the hospital until we get home and can cloth diaper and we will get his coming-home outfit sorted out. But still. I feel like this should be on the list.
  • Organize the nursery. Most of this will happen once we get the last of the furniture in there but it’s making me a little crazy when there are craft supplies for the kids and a bow-and-arrow sitting on the floor. The nursery because a catch-all when we moved in and it’s time to clean.it.up.
  • Buy at least 1 bottle of infant Tylenol and Motrin. The last thing that I want to do if he runs a fever is make a mad dash to Wal-Mart with a screaming baby.
  • Sort out childcare. Our wonderful babysitter can’t keep this kiddo until sometime in the summer (July-ish) so that means that we have a 3-month gap from when I go back to work until we have full-time childcare for him. If you are local and have suggestions, hit me up.
  • Plan something for Greg. Most often, Dad’s get overlooked in the birthing/newborn process and I know I was guilty of it the first 2 times. But, it’s just as important for me to let Greg know that it’s okay to take a break and do something for himself as it is for him to reciprocate.
  • Come up with a plan (and a few alternate back-up plans) for when the big day arrives. Since Brock still very much wants to be a part of the process, we need to have a system in place where we can get him to the hospital. That’s assuming that I go into labor somewhere other than home. If my water breaks in the middle of the night (like it did with Brock), we need somebody to come over and stay with Adrianna. I don’t want to deal with her being Judy-Attitudy in the middle of the night while I’m in labor. And if we have to take her somewhere, that means one more stop before we get to the hospital. If the big moment happens during the week while the kids are at the babysitter’s house, somebody will have to pick Brock up and meet us at the hospital. We are so incredibly lucky and have a large bank of people that we can call on to help us out but I will feel more comfortable once we have a plan in place.

We got two BIG things off the list! We got the crib from our friends AND Greg put it together. And moved it more than once because I didn’t like the flow of the room. But now (I think) I’m happy with it! And we even found the mobile for it that matches the bedding! Yay!


We also had maternity pictures taken this weekend. My gorgeous and talented friend Sarah took some amazing pictures of us and she was so sweet and posted a few teasers to Facebook last night after she got home.

What’s that? You want to see them? Okay!




I’m pretty sure that Greg had just told me that my lipstick smelled like Play-Doh in this picture


I love this one so much!  And I realize that it’s not technically a maternity picture, but my friend is amazing and makes me look amazing so win-win!

On Saturday, Greg took Adrianna to a Daddy-Daughter dance and she was on Cloud Nine. My bestie came over and did her hair “weawwy fancy” and she got to wear real make-up. There was a chocolate fountain and she got a corsage and they got their picture taken and she danced with her Daddy. Then he took her to her favorite restaurant-McDonald’s-for chicken nuggets. Basically? Greg secured his spot as favorite parent.



While Greg and Adrianna were having their date, Brock and I went on our own date. We went to see Rise of the Guardians where he ate half of my popcorn, drank all of my soda, ate a King-size package of Reese’s peanut butter cups, got a gumball and got lost because he INSISTED on going to the bathroom by himself. I gave him a 3 minute head-start before I left the theater to wait for him. In that time, he had gone to the bathroom and looked into the other 2 theaters for me (it’s a very small theater). He was “lost” for about 30 seconds but it scared him enough that he realized that maybe he isn’t as independent as he thought and maybe an adult should go with him to the bathroom when we are out and about.

Brock and I also had dinner at his “favorite” Mexican restaurant (it might be the only Mexican restaurant that he’s ever been to) where he ate his nachos and half of my carne asada burrito. And, because we were on a date, he held the door open for me, made us sit on the same side of the booth and he even paid the bill! Sorta. He put the check on the counter, told me to pay and then asked for a quarter for the gumball machine.

This weekend, we also managed to get a few other things out of storage that we had been looking for that are baby-related and I made a strawberry shortcake from scratch.


I am not kidding when I tell you there are 3 sticks of butter between the cake and the icing.

Things that did not get done remain on that list but we had lots of offers of help flow in over the weekend to help out when I go into labor, etc. I love our family and our little community and how everybody is so willing to help when you need them.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend for your family of 4.5! Lots of sweet “awe” moments, and you’re reminding me NB and I are due for a “Mom and NB Day (or Night) Out!” It’s almost always just the two of us, but I don’t think running errands always counts! 😉

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