Maternity pictures and (another) update on the baby list

First, we will cover the part that isn’t interesting to anybody but me. The checklist!

  • Buy new car seats (our old ones have expired) that match.
  • Get the crib
  • Get the second dresser for the nursery.
  • Name this child.
  • Beef up our cloth diaper supply.
  • Re-paint the nursery.
  • Take maternity pictures.
  • Get out the breast pump and wash/sterilize all of the equipment.
  • Take the kids to a big-kid class. (This is scheduled! Yay!)
  • Make freezer meals.
  • Get the kids a (small) gift “from” their baby brother.
  • Pack a hospital bag.
  • Buy a new boppy cover.
  • Find our diaper bag and pack it. We found it. Now we have to get it (lightly) packed for the hospital.
  • Organize the nursery. (We are making progress on this one.  It will be after Christmas before I can actually check this off the list because the swing and bouncy seat are in the nursery until we take the tree down and can move them into the living room.)
  • Buy at least 1 bottle of infant Tylenol and Motrin. (I got Motrin but Target was out of infant Tylenol this weekend.)
  • Sort out childcare.
  • Plan something for Greg.
  • Come up with a plan (and a few alternate back-up plans) for when the big day arrives.

Okay, so not a ton of progress this weekend but a few other things will get checked off the list this week and upcoming weekend. Yay!

Now for the fun part! My amazing friend that took our maternity pictures on Sunday of last weekend had them edited and ready to be picked up on Thursday! I am so blessed to have such talented friends.

Along with the pictures in this post, these are some of my favorites! Enjoy!


She is seriously so talented and was wonderful to work with. Despite the fact that it was cold and Greg hates to get his picture taken. If you are local and want her number, let me know!


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