35 Weeks


How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: + 30 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yup. And outgrowing some of those. I almost exclusively sleep in Greg’s t-shirts at this point.
Stretch marks? Yeabsolutely.
Sleep: Some days are better than others. Right now it depends on how much my back hurts.  And the last few nights it has been nearly constant.
Best moment this week: Getting a few more things checked off our baby to-do list.  Gearing up for Christmas!
Worst moment this week: Just the constant back pain. I’m not “done” being pregnant yet and Lord knows we could use the extra time to finish getting ready for him, but if I go into labor today just to get rid of this horrid back pain, it would suit me. On the flip side of that, I also know that he’s not really ready to come out yet and I can stand to suffer a few more weeks so he can continue to grow and develop like he needs to.
Movement: He has a definite sleep/wake pattern now. He is awake and moving pretty much anytime I’m sitting/lying down. He also will wake up whenever he gets the hiccups and kick/punch/headbutt me every time. And his Dad and brother like to blow strawberries on my belly and scare him; which makes him jolt every single time. Which has basically become a right of passage into our little family.
Food cravings/aversions: Ice chips. It might be considered pica at this point . . .
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Nada.
Belly Button in or out? In but getting more shallow each week.  I doubt it will ever become an outie though.
What I miss: Energy. And wine. Sleep. Having a day without nearly crying from how bad my back hurts.
What I am thankful for: That I made it another week successfully through this pregnancy! That this baby is healthy.  That I have a husband who will draw me a steaming hot bath with Epsom salt when I’m moaning and groaning about how bad my back hurts.
What I am looking forward to: Getting the rest of our checklist complete. Once that is done, I will be ready to meet this little man.
Milestones: Happy 35/35 day to me! 35 weeks pregnant and 35 days left until my due date! I’ve also officially reached the point where I can no longer shave my lady bits and can barely shave my legs (because I’m too big to bend over without cutting off precious air supply). I can also barely tie my shoes and I painted my toe nails for the last time this weekend. Yay for a healthy, growing baby but boo-hoo to being so big that I have to ask my husband to shave my legs. Oh, and later this week I get to have my Group B Strep Test. Which isn’t really a big deal but it’s always a little awkward getting a Q-tip shoved up your b-hole.
Symptoms: exhaustion, sore boobs, heartburn, burgeoning belly, temporary memory loss, the dropsies, back pain, the alien that has taken up residence in my uterus.  You know.  Usual pregnancy stuff.
Technical baby news: As your own growth winds down, so does your baby’s rapid development. The central nervous system is still maturing, but the lungs should be fully developed by now and the digestive system is nearly complete. A 35 week old fetus is about 13 ¼ inches from crown to heel (and around 18 inches from head to toe) and he’s plumping up, so there’s not much room for him to move around in your uterus. His little 5 ½ pound body is rounding out and his smooth skin has lost some lanugo along with the wrinkles. Since your baby has finished the vast majority of his development, he would probably be healthy and strong if you gave birth this week. His little body can handle air and breast milk now, and he looks just like a newborn. He likely has hair on his head, fingernails that reach the tips of his fingers and a strong sucking reflex at 35 weeks, but he’ll still need to put on some more fat to better regulate his body temperature once he leaves the womb.



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