How to watermark your photos

I’m not sure if you have heard but I ♥ Instagram. Clearly I have a problem since I wrote an entire post waxing poetic about the depths of my love obsession.

But lately? Lately they have ruffled a few feathers by saying, “Oh hey! Thanks for posting pics to our app but now we own them and can do as we see fit with them!”

Major bummer, right?

Well, they technically can do that (it’s in the agreement that you didn’t read when you installed the app on your phone, dummy!) but there is a way around it! And I do love finding loopholes so imma fill you in. And I’m only acting like it’s a big huge secret on how to do this because I *just* figured it out and I’m not at all tech savvy but I want to sound like it.


Create a watermark on your photos! (It’s really a good idea to do that for any photo that you post online so it can’t be snagged and used without your permission.)

But what if you don’t know how to create a watermark? Waaaaaahhhhhh!! Suck it up, crybaby! I’m here to help!

I have an iPhone but I’m sure there are options for you droid users as well (I just don’t know ’em).

Step 1: Go into the app store on your phone

Step 2: Search “watermark”

Step 3: choose either a paid or free (I went with a free one, natch)


In case you were wondering what the app icon looks like, I took a screen shot for you.  You’re welcome.

Step 4: Download that bad boy

Think it’s not that easy? Try it out! I did it in less than 2 minutes and had a watermark on a picture. Easy peasy.

For more of your viewing pleasure, here’s what I started with:


Here’s what the picture looked like after I used an Instagram filter:


And here’s what it looks like with my watermark:


Editor’s Note: Apparently there were enough people that either complained and/or deleted their IG accounts that it made the company sit up and take notice.  This was on my IG account this morning so hopefully they won’t be totally douche-y about this and will no longer entertain the idea of selling photos.



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