Random pregnancy brain post

Wednesday night, we were trying to finish organizing the nursery and I started having contractions, like whoa.  These were the real-deal.  The would last 45-60 seconds, I could barely talk through them and they were radiating all the way around to my back.  Unfortunately, they were spaced 20 minutes apart so I knew that we didn’t need to go to the hospital but still.  They hurt like crazy and they wore me out.  I also know that Adrianna put me in false labor for nearly 3 weeks before she was evicted so there’s that to look forward to as well . . .

Anyway, I went to my OB yesterday for my 36 week appointment and had her do a quick check-eroo to see if the contractions did anything.

They did not.  Which?  I’m actually okay with.  Baby boy still needs to grow a bit and when she told me I was *barely* fingertip dilated, I know that I still have a few more weeks before he makes his grand appearance.  I also found out that my Group B Strep test was negative (yay!) and she was concerned that, according to their scale, I hadn’t gained any weight since I saw her last week.  I have never been to the doctor and had them worry that I’m not gaining enough weight so yay for that, too!  I just laughed and told her that I’m 36 weeks pregnant and my stomach is displaced into my ribcage and I get full after approximately 5 minutes so I can’t eat as much as I want to.

  • Buy new car seats (our old ones have expired) that match. Um, we were going to do that this past weekend but it turns out that Target discontinued the style that we got so we are coming up with Plan B.  However, I *think* we can just buy an extra base and only have 1 pumpkin seat.  The baby will be with the seat so as long as we have a matching base in both of our vehicles, I think we can make it work.
  • Get the crib
  • Get the second dresser for the nursery.
  • Name this child. It’s getting really close.  We are trying to decide between John, Paul, George & Ringo.
  • Beef up our cloth diaper supply.
  • Re-paint the nursery. (I might as well cross this off the list because it isn’t going to happen before he’s born.)
  • Take maternity pictures.
  • Get out the breast pump and wash/sterilize all of the equipment.
  • Take the kids to a big-kid class. I’m working on a separate blog post for this one.  I highly recommend this if your hospital offers it!
  • Make freezer meals. This is on the agenda for this weekend.  At least 1 recipe, hopefully 2.
  • Get the kids a (small) gift “from” their baby brother. We got a little something for Adrianna and are still working on Brock’s gift. 
  • Pack a hospital bag.
  • Buy a new boppy cover. Oiy.  I thought we still had the boppy from Adrianna but Greg has searched high and low and couldn’t find it.  Until this morning.  And it had a cover on it.  We have had one of the covers in the nursery for months now so we are back to having a boppy + 2 covers.  I just need to throw the cover that was in storage in the laundry and we are good to go!
  • Find our diaper bag and pack it. We found it. Now we have to get it (lightly) packed for the hospital.  But the more I think about it, we might skip this one until we get home.  The hospital sends you with pretty much everything you need (including a diaper bag!) and when we leave the hospital, it will just be one more thing to have to remember to bring home.
  • Organize the nursery. Now that Christmas is over (barely), we made some big-time progress on this one.  Greg and our friend Steve, were able to get the last dresser moved into the nursery on Wednesday and Greg brought the recliner to the house (and put it where the tree was).  We also got the rest of the Christmas stuff put away which gave us more room in the living room to move the swing out of the nursery.  Because we got the final piece of furniture moved into the nursery, we got the rest of his clothes that were in various piles folded and put away.  We have a few little things left to do, but for the most part?  We are done with the nursery.
  • Buy at least 1 bottle of infant Tylenol and Motrin. Still no Tylenol but I’m okay with just having Motrin for now.
  • Sort out childcare
  • Plan something for Greg.  Ugh.  This one is proving to be more difficult than I had previously planned.  I’m open to suggestions though!
  • Come up with a plan (and a few alternate back-up plans) for when the big day arrives. As it turns out, Brock has changed his mind about being in the delivery room.  Which?  Is really okay with us.  I never wanted him to feel like he was being pressured to be in there and I felt like he was starting to change his mind a couple of weeks ago.  We talked to him yesterday morning and I think it was a big relief for him to have us say that he didn’t have to be in the delivery room if he didn’t want to be.  He thought he would be in trouble if he changed his mind.  Poor little fella.  So, the tentative plan(s) are as follows.  If I go into labor while I’m at work, the kids will stay with whomever they are with for the day, Greg will meet me at the hospital and somebody will bring the kids to the hospital after the baby is born.  If I go into labor on a weekend during the day, we will load everybody up, drop the kids off at either a set of grandparents’ house or my sister’s house and Greg and I will head to the hospital.  If I go into labor on a weekend at night or in the middle of the night during the week, one of the grandparents will come over to our house to stay with the kids until they wake up and Greg and I will head over to the hospital. 

We are getting so close to getting everything checked off the list!  And the things that are left aren’t that huge (except the childcare for when I go back to work) so I’m really hoping to get them done in the next week or so!

I realize that basically nobody else cares about this but it feels good to have it written down.  So thanks for putting up with my neurotic tendencies.


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