Big kids

A few months ago, my OB gave me a folder full of info about what to pack in a hospital bag, a copy of a birthing plan to fill out if I wanted & various classes that I can take at the hospital. One of the classes was a “Big Kid class” for older sibs that are about to have a baby brother/sister.

Our hospital offers the class for free which is perfect for us because, well because we are cheap.

Natch, I took tons of pictures.


Pretty Princess waiting for class to start.

20121228-141547.jpgOur little class clown.


Hi, Mom!

Brock showed us several ways to not hold a new baby.

Example 1: The sack o’ potatoes:


Example 2: Stretchin’ the Neck


Several other examples included flinging the baby around under his armpits, holding the “baby” by his ankles and tossing him in the air.  Obviously he won’t be left alone with the real baby for a long time.


The kids even made a “birth”day card for the baby that we are going to hang on his crib while we are in the hospital.  Adrianna covered her card in princess stickers and Brock drew a birthday cake.  As soon as we got home, I put them in the hospital bag so they wouldn’t get left behind.

Then we got to put on “doctor gear” and go up to the nursery and look at the new babies (through the glass).




They had SO much fun!  If you (or somebody you know) is expecting, I would recommend calling your hospital to see if they offer any type of class like this.  It helped familiarize the kids with the hospital and it made them feel involved in the arrival of the baby.  They also got to practice changing diapers, talk about what should be in a diaper bag, talk about ways they can help out with the baby and they met other kids that were about to be big brothers/sisters.


2 thoughts on “Big kids

  1. Brock will be a wonderful big bother as he is already to his sister. He is protective of her but also very helpful when it comes to watching all of the little ones here. Mrs. Lewis and I were just commenting today on how he handles responsibility. Adrianna is just going to love it to death. It will be very interesting the role she will play next fall when Brock is gone to kindergarten. I am not saying they are perfect but the can be very close.

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