39 Weeks


Chocolate chip cookies for breakfast?  Sure thing!  Mommy is 39 weeks pregnant and doesn’t have the energy to fight with you, kiddo.
Also?  She is on me like white on rice lately so I could not get her to move out of the picture so you can see how big my belly actually is.  But she’s cute so it all works out.
How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: + 31 lbs which is actually down a pound from last week.  Weird.  Apparently being pregnant is a new diet.
Maternity clothes? Yup.
Stretch marks? Yeabsolutely.
Sleep: Some days are better than others.
Best moment this week: Realizing just how close we are to meeting our newest little guy!
Worst moment this week: Getting my membranes stripped last week which produced 2 hours of timeable contractions while I was running a 101.6 degree fever (thank, kiddos!) that actually lead to nowhere.  Hopefully they at least helped me make some progress when I go back today!
Movement: Slowing way the heck down.  But this weekend I woke up to feet in the ribs while he was headbutting my uterus.  Super fun times!
Food cravings/aversions: Just ice chips.  But no real food items.  I can barely get down a few bites before I start to get full.
Gender: BOY
Labor Signs: Yep.  Unfortch, as of this moment, they aren’t leading anywhere.
Belly Button in or out? In.
What I miss: Energy. And wine.
What I am thankful for: That I made it another week successfully through this pregnancy! That this baby is healthy.
What I am looking forward to: The end result of labor.
Milestones: We are down to SINGLE DIGITS!!  Holy sheet.
Symptoms: exhaustion, sore boobs, heartburn, burgeoning belly, irrational pangs of slight jealousy when your friend, who is overdue, delivers before you.

Technical baby news:Your baby hasn’t grown much in length since last week (he’s still around 20 or 21 inches from head to toe) but his weight may be creeping up to 7 ½ pounds. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to determine the exact weight of your baby while he’s still in the womb, so you’ll likely have to wait until delivery to see just how big he’ll be. Whatever his exact length, his umbilical cord will be about as long as his body, and it’s still as strong as ever. Growth slows down a bit as your baby gets ready for delivery. He’ll still gain more fat each day that he’s in your body, but everything is fully developed, the coating of vernix is beginning to dissipate and his tissues are swelling with hormones from your body. In fact, it’s not unusual for a baby boy’s scrotum or a baby girl’s labia to appear quite swollen when they’re born, and either gender may produce a few drops of milk from their enlarged breasts. You can blame your hormones for these events, so you can expect any exaggerated features to shrink shortly after delivery.



2 thoughts on “39 Weeks

  1. While it may not seem like it to you, your pregnancy has flown by. I’ve watched the weekly updates and every time one appears, I’m all, “ANOTHER week gone?!?!?” Time flies just too fast. It makes me want to go hug my girls even more. 🙂

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