Things and stuff

I love my blog.

I really really do.  But, ya know, there are 3 tiny mouths to feed, a husband to hang out with, swim meets to attend, bible studies to participate in, closets to clean out, birthday parties to plan and I log 40 hours/week at my away-from-home job.  So basically sometimes my blog has to take a backseat to real-life.

Rather than give you a detailed description of what we’ve been doing (in case you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram), just know that life has been busy this spring/summer.  I mean, seriously?  Who decided it’s already almost JULY?!

I have SO many things that I want to talk about over here from how Ryker is really changing from a squishy newborn to a squishy baby with the beginnings of a personality, Brock is blowing me away with how well he is doing on his first year of competitive swimming and how he nailed summer school, Greg survived his first year of teaching like a boss, how things really change when you transition from man-to-man vs. zone defense in the parenting world, how Adrianna is becoming more and more like me everyday and that’s (usually) entertaining if nothing else, etc. 

But for now just know that things are good!  We are just living life!  And I’m much better at updating via Instagram and Facebook than WordPress at the moment.  And if you are so inclined, you can see snippets of our lives over there!


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