Brockenese decoder ring

tease = please. Usually said with some degree of desperation.

ganks = thanks

cici = sissy. His super-cute nickname for his sister. Usually he says this if he sees a baby or something pink.

guice = juice

gee-gee = Granny Pat (Greg’s mom)

Dee = Nana (My mom). Sometimes he calls her neeeeeean, but he usually has to be bribed by candy.

Papa Dabe = Papa Dave (Greg’s dad)

Papa Jembo = Papa Jimbo (my dad)

You see dat? = Did you see that? Which you usually have to respond with, “Yes, I saw that.” If you don’t, be prepared to hear “you see dat?” about a million more times.

Bargo = Margo. One of Mom & Dad’s dogs.

peach = mandarin oranges. (I’m not kidding)

Stebonie = my bestie (Stephanie)

muffy = Berkley.  Stebonie’s teacup yorkie.


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