I get a little help from my friends

“Tara’s” first appearance in Meet the Swarrentons

  • My fantastic author friend based a (minor) character in her “webisode” series Meet the Swarrentons on little ol’ me.  I am flattered beyond belief!  Thanks a million, Jayna!

“Tara’s” second appearance in Meet the Swarrentons

  • “Tara” makes a second guest appearance in this series of webisodes where she is asked to babysit her professor’s children.  She failed to tell him that she left “Adrianna” alone in the house just before she was scheduled to meet him.  That doesn’t sound like me at all!  Okay, maybe it does.  But just a little.

“Tara’s” third appearance in Meet the Swarrentons

  • It’s official.  3 times within the same series means that I’ve officially arrived at celebrity status.

My first guest blogger: Improvising Fatherhood

  • Comedian, Nate Smith, urges you to consider the growing epidemic of Childhood Opacity in America.  Yes, that’s right.  Childhood Opacity.

My guest blog on Family & Life in Las Vegas

  • For my loyal readers (thanks, mom!) you already know the answers to these questions, but for those that don’t–enjoy!  And, while you are there, take a look around Emily’s blog and enter a giveaway or five.  She is always giving away awesome gifts!

2 thoughts on “I get a little help from my friends

  1. A note for Tara’s readers/fans: Tara makes her debut in Webisode 5: “A Little Help?” of my online webisodic blog novel, “Meet the Swarrentons” (www.meettheswarrentons.com).

    Tara will also appear in a near future webisode as the Swarrentons’ babysitter. Think Tara’s a great Mom of a preschooler and a toddler? Of course she is! But stay tuned to see how she handles not only her two little ones but a seven year old girl, a twelve year old boy and an eccentric elderly neighbor! (Preview: Tara can juggle anything you throw at her!).

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